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Is there any room for more talkative visual narratives in our era, when mostly minimal design rules and has influenced more fields than almost any other design trends?

Call for Entries!
We orientate ourselves by more and more concise codes and signs due to the lack of time in everyday life. May spectators still be willing to slow down a bit and follow a series of complex images that make up a more compound story in such a rushing world? Who has time, stamina and energy today to perform in a less "economical" genre of art that is mostly about subtleties and refined details? An old issue it is: Image or text? Image and text? What are the right proportions? Is it a story about "picture-like letters" and "talking images" in one? Can it be the common denominator of verbal and non-verbal communication that connects two different worlds; the abstract nature of the written word and the sensuous nature of seen things? Is there any way to be in both at the same time? We try to find the answer with MATT's design competition in 2015.

Do we have heros in our stories nowadays? Who can be seen now as a "hero" for us? What is he/she look like? Let's tell the story in text and image! Contestants are to submit works that fit in a B/1 portrait (70cm by 100cm) format and depict "the Hero" and a plot not less than in 2 frames.

Criteria for Submission:

Individual designers over the age of 18, design groups and corporate bodies have the right to enter the competition. Participants cannot submit works as a member of more than one group. When registered for the competition, it is also a declaration on the part of the participants, that the submitted works are their own intellectual property and they do not offend other people's personal rights in accordance with the copyright law. Entrants agree to hold MATT harmless of any claims that may be made against it by reason of exhibiting the entries. Securing releases is the sole responsibility of the entrant. Submission of entries is acknowledgment of these terms. There is no application fee.

Works to Submit:

Adobe PDF format is welcome. From one author the max. 5 artworks can be submitted. The size and resolution of PDF files are as follows: 70 cm by 100 cm (portrait) in a resolution not less than 150dpi. Files should bear the name of the entrant and possibly the title of the artwork and a serial number when more than one artworks are submitted. The name of the files should not contain neither accentuated letters, capital letters, nor special characters and space. (Suggested form of title: firstname_familyname_title_01.pdf). Submitted files cannot be changed later. IMPORTANT! Entries are to be sent via the Internet to the following address: While sending, name, email and phone contact are to be enclosed. If the attached files are larger than to send via email, we recommand to use WeTransfer (

Submission of Selected Works to be Exhibited:

Works selected by the jury are to be printed. Printing and delivery are the duty of the contestants and all costs are to be covered by them. Printed materials are to be handed in by mail or in person not later than 30th October 2015 to the following address: 1056 Budapest, Irányi utca 19-23. II/4. | sabotagegraphic MATT will do everything to protect the artworks but it cannot hold responsible for any damage caused by shipment. Please write on the package #Picture#Novel#Hero.

Selection and jury:

Submitted entries will be judged and selected by an international jury. The winner will be awarded the MATT Professional Prize. The best 50 selected artworks will be exhibited within the framework of Graphifest 2015 at Tesla Exhibiton Hall, Budapest, Hungary. MATT will publish a catalogue on the 50 exhibited artworks. The Jury: President, István Bányai, Davis Cserkuti, Zsófia Szabó, Csaba Szenteczky, István Szugyiczky, Andrej Tóth


The opening ceremony of the exhibiton "Picture/Novel/Hero" will be held at Tesla Exhibiton Hall, Budapest, Hungary on 5th November 2015. at 6 pm. as part of the series of art events "Graphifest 2015".


In the framework of "Graphifest 2015", MATT is organizing presentations with the participation of experts from the international community of graphic design. More information and the details will be published shortly on the official website of the competition.

Deadline for submissions: 2015.10.12. Extended deadline: 2015.10.19.

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